The World Thus Far

The world of the Primal Incarnations is split into three distinct continents.

The Empire

This continent is primarily Human controlled though a smattering of all races, even monsterous humanoids, can be found in most towns. Smalled races, like Gnomes Halflings and Dwarves, have faced racism in the past and are working towards equal rights with all peoples.

The Wilds

Split into three by The Chasm and the Chasm River. South Eastern section is largest, but home to The Wilds, a HUGE forrest with a natural imbalance to give any druid a heart attack. The Wilds house Semphelon, the first tree. The Temple of Elements and the physical building to the Guild of Sleep. The imbalance has been slowly growing. Mostly caused by Baconator. North Eastern Section is a loosly knit group of Cities held together by economy/trade between them. Largest city is Pearl Harbor. Western Section is largely unpopulated. Home of the Gravewhisper Cabal. Many mindless undead roam these lands. Unexplored


Up until recently Human controlled with monstrous, “less civilized” races used as slave labor. Largest city had been Arena, but was turned into a cursed forest due to the efforts of the Chosen and his party. The capability of slavery has been removed and will slowly die out, but the land is about to fall to chaos and racism.

Update: Graak has decided to bring his people to this land and help re-establish infrastructure and government. The Arena within the forest has been cleansed. The building still stands, its magic rendered inert. Graak plans to place his capital there, Kattan.

Of Demogorgon and Talisid

Of Desayeus and Anubis

The Paragons

The World Thus Far

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