With the help of this lovely site I want to do something a little different in my GM’ing fashion. I have always had ideas of nifty places within my world and left it to adventure hooks (or Trains) and PC’s to discover them. In the interest of fleshing out this world further I am going to have my players contribute more AND show more of what I have ideas on outside of game.

Basically, this is what I want from you:

If you want to know about a place, post on the Comments page and I will create a Wiki page for the place/item. The source of this curiosity doesn’t matter either. If I tossed something out with an adventure hook but no one bit, or if you heard me talking about it outside of game. Even if its something I’ve never mention but you want to know if its in my world, and where: Ask, and ye shall receive!

Reason why? To bring these places into the world further, and with established notes on things my PC’s are interested in I may get more people wanting to explore there, or even characters coming from there. Anything to further the fun of you guys, my players!


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