Gravewhisper Cabal

The only city on the Western edge of the Wilds is home to the Gravewhisper Cabal. On this Hellish edge of the continent, the only life that can co-exist with its environment is death. The Cabal saw this when the catastrophe hit a couple centuries ago and embraced a new way of life.

Much like Tower, the Cabal is a center of knowledge and learning, though with a much more open minded view on where to study as the Arcane Arts are not the only thing of importance. These scholars have learned that an unending life also can mean unending study.

The vast majority of these people are known as Illumians. Humanoid but vastly arcane in nature. It was the living Illumians who saw the best route to survival in this harsh land and helped to awaken those of their neighbors and people that did not come to undeath willingly. These people were too stubborn to move from their lands when they had a chance, and now have become part of it, feeding off the necromatic energies of the area.

Most oddly noted about this once secluded sect, is their acceptance of outsiders and visitors. Centuries of being alone taught them the value of trade in goods and in news and the people of the city welcome both, if the laws are obeyed.

[DM Note]: The Cabal and it’s city is a chance for PC’s to play Undead, depending on the type. Though the vast majority of the Cabal is Illumian, not all of them are, giving the option for playing something different, if wanted.

Gravewhisper Cabal

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