High Cleric of St. Cuthbert


At a young age Tethan was consumed with curiosity. “Why?” was the first word out of his beak, and soon the most feared word in his nest. When it became clear that his elders did not hold all the answers he sought, he began to look elsewhere. A very patient missionary of Cuthbert found him and answered every question he could. Though Tethan was not yet sated, he felt more full than he ever had. Tethan halted his journey then and there, making his way instead to the nearest Temple of St. Cuthbert.

Within two years Tethan was running a church of his own in a small village and was already considered one of the premier Diviners of the land. His powers and prominence grew until he was given the seat of High Priest of St Cuthbert in the largest temple in the Troll City. With the entire churches facilities at his command, he put his incredible mind towards creating more powerful divinations and tools to aid him.

Tethan has helped guide his Church to a place of honor within the Troll City. Even nonbelievers petition Tethan for answers and the King calls upon Tethan as an adviser to help guide his people.


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