Daughter of Doris


Iris is the daughter of Doris, born while Doris was Guardian of Semphelon. At first glance she appears to be a beautiful young Gnome. At second and third glance this impression remains.

If delved thoroughly by magic, it will reveal she is of the Plant subtype, and has more akin with Treants than she does with Gnomes. Borne of the awesome power that Doris commanded as Guardian of Semphelon, she is the embodiment of all the power of Creation Doris possessed.

Iris is also a living link to Semphelon, as Semphelon could be considered her Father (hence why Iris has divine spells granted by a Tree). It is beyond even Doris to guess at what any children Iris might have may be like.

Unfortunately, Iris’ current location is unknown and the last group that was seen traveling with her has split apart to go their separate ways after her disappearance.


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