High Priest and Avatar of Anubis


Varg, High Priest and Avatar of Anubis

N Native Outsider

20th Level Cleric

*Init*5; Senses Darkvision, Scent, Perception +30

SR 34

DR 10/Magic

Resistances Acid, Cold, Electricity 10

+3 Positive Levels from the Totem of Desayeus

AC 39, Touch 21, Flat-Footed 33 (+12 Armor, +6 Dex, +6 Natural, +5 Deflection)

Mithral Breastplate of Light Fortification (+6 enhancement, +12 armor bouns, +5 max dex, -1 armor penalty, 10% spell failure, Light Armor, Medium sized)

HP 300(20d8+160)

Movement Land Speed 30, Flight 60 Good Manuverability

Str 20
Dex 22
Con 26
Int 18
Wis 34
Cha 22


Fort 25
Reflex 17
Will 29


Melee +20 (15 BaB, 5 Str)

Ranged +21 (15 BaB, 6 Dex)

CMB +20 (15 BaB, 5 Str)

CMD +36 (10 base, 15 BaB, 5 Str, 6 Dex)

1 Holy Disrupting Mace 21/16/11, d82d6+6, 20×2, Bludgeoning, DC 14 Will vs Destruction for Undead
2 Keen Adamantine Wounding Scythe 22/17/12, 2d49, 19×4, Slashing, 1 Bleed/Hit


Augmented Healing
Combat Casting
Extra Turning
Improved Turning
Selective Channeling
True Believer
Spell Penetration
Greater Spell Penetration
Extra Divine Power
Storyline Feat: Leadership


Diplomacy +29
Heal +37
Knowledge Arcane +21
Knowledge History +21
Knowledge Planes +25
Knowledge Religion +25
Perception +30
Sense Motive +25
Spellcraft +31
Survival +25
Swim +19

Cleric Abilities

Aura (Neutral)
Channel Energy (10 d6, Will DC 28 for Half, 14/day)


Domain Powers
Hand of the Acolyte (15/day)
Gentle Rest (15/day)
Dispelling Touch (4/day)
Ward Against Death (1 Round/Cleric Level)


Save DC Level Total Class Bonus Ability Bonus
22 0 4 4 0
23 1 7 4 3
24 2 7 4 3
25 3 7 4 3
26 4 7 4 3
27 5 6 4 2
28 6 6 4 2
29 7 6 4 2
30 8 6 4 2
31 9 5 4 1

Worn Equipment

Head Headband of Inspiring Wisdom +6
Throat Torc of Natural Armor +5
Shoulders Cloak of the Spider
Body +6 Mithral Breastplate
Torso Vest of Resistance +5
Ring Ring of Protection +5
Ring Ring of Sustenance
Waist Belt of Freedom of Movement
Misc Orange Prism Ioun Stone
Misc Scarab of Protection
Misc Master Worked Bandoleer of Protection from Evil

Every faith requires its defenders. Most good faiths have though that their god has called into service as Paladins. Even those deities that crave the evil of this world have their guardians. But what of those faiths that are neither good nor evil? Where are their Paladins, their Blackguards? Instead, they turn to their faithful who would choose to be warriors. Who protects the one who delivers souls to judgement? For those who follow Anubis, these men and women are known as the Anubi, chosen to protect their church with their lives.

Some years ago, the high priest of a temple to Anubis took in a young Sibeccai pup whose family had been killed by those that enslaved. His parents had hidden him beneath the roots of a great tree, and had died keeping the location of their child a secret. How long the pup had been secreted away, the High Priest knew not. for many days, the High Priest felt that Anubis would come to clam the soul of the pup, but it seemed his will to live was enough to keep Anubis at bay.

Within a few months of coming to the temple, it was clear that Anubis himself had something in mind for the pup. With fur as black as ebony wood, and eyes as gold as the statues of their god, the High Priest soon realized that this pup was something more than he seemed. There were other Sibeccai living in the temple complex, and they taught the pup their ways. he soon had no more to learn from his people and came back to the temple to learn the ways of the priests.

It was soon clear that the ways of the peaceful priests was not the life for the young Sibeccai. He took the name of the High Priest and went to learn the ways of the Clerics of Anubis. He quickly advanced in the warrior ways of the clerics and once he could learn no more from his mentors, the pup now called Varg, returned to the temple where he was raised.

The Sibeccai that returned to the temple was not the same one which the High Priest had sent off. He now stood well over seven feet tall, his once coarse black fur now shone with the health and vitality of a strong young warrior. His eyes had darkened to a burnished gold, and the golden armbands of his order shone brightly in the early morning sun.

“Welcome home my son.” The High Priest spoke quietly the man before him. the temple guards moved aside to allow Varg entrance to the temple. The High Priest led his son to his chambers and they spoke long into the evening as to what had been learned, and what had been taught.

For many years, Varg worked closely with the High Priest, he advanced quickly, and soon became one of the valued and feared Children of Anubis. He stood guard over the secrets and valuables of the temple where he had grown from a pup into a man.

It was not long before the Humans began to raid the surrounding villages and towns in search of those that would be enslaved. The Children of Anubis selected a few of their greatest warriors to travel to the surrounding areas in order to fight the menace that was the human raiding parities. Varg was one such to be chosen.

He fought fearlessly and fiercely to keep his people save from the humans. His blade and his power from Anubis working together to bring down countless humans. Many of the people fled into the hills and Varg hoped against hope that they would find a place free of the human’s oppression.

One dark morning a messenger came to find Varg. he told the guards at the encampment that his message was of the utmost importance, and for Varg alone. He was shown to his destination with haste. The messenger delivered his words, and with each one uttered, Varg’s countenance continued to grow more and more grim. The camp was broken down that night as the Children of Anubis returned to their temple as quickly as they could. They were too late.

The temple lay in ruins, and bodies littered the ground. Varg and his companions quickly made their way into the temple in search for any survivors. Each and every room had been desecrated, the signs of struggle were everywhere. Even the quiet priests have fought back. There were human bodies among the temple inhabitants, and those that were not among the bodies were assumed to have been taken as slaves.

Inside the inner sanctum, Varg found the High Priest. The body of his father had been mutilated almost beyond recognition. For many days the remaining Children of Anubis awaited the return of the humans to loot the temple and collect their dead. In this time, the Children buried their dead, and readied themselves for what they knew was to come. When the humans finally returned, they were faced with a force they were not expecting. Many humans fell before the first of the defenders.

Though so many of the humans fell, the Children of Anubis were sorely out numbered. One by one, they fell, or were taken captive, until only Varg remained standing at the doors to the temple. The sun shone red that evening. Ra’s red glare glinting off the obsidian obelisks that lined the temple path. The ground was littered in the bodies of humans and Children alike. With one last swing of his scythe and a final spell crackling out of his body, the humans overcame his proud form.

The ripped the golden torc from around his neck, and the bands from his arms. He crushed many hands between his powerful jaws before the humans muzzled him like some feral dog. He was stripped of his weapons and armor, clumps of fur were ripped out as the humans tried to beat him into submission.

The humans took him far from his home to an island out at sea. there, they forced him to kneel before the human that had purchased him as though he was a piece of cattle, a beast of burden, not smart or wise enough to have a society, or will of his own. The humans held him as his new ‘owner’ branded his skin, placed a collar around his neck, and shackled him to others. The leader and warrior in him may have been bound, but would never be broken. One day, the Child of Anubis would send their souls to Anubis, and then to judgement. Little did he know that the day he awaited would come sooner than expected, and those who would aid him would not be the most likely. They would have their freedom, this Child of Anubis swore it.


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